AI consulting for Chemistry and Materials R&D

We identify how you can utilize AI to accelerate your chemistry/materials R&D and increase your return on investment.

AI Consultant working


  • Analyze current R&D projects to determine whether they can benefit from using AI or not
  • Prioritize the most promising of these projects and estimates the required resources to integrate AI into them
  • Optimize data collection in current projects so that they are exploitable later by AI programs if needed
  • Design future research projects that utilize AI
  • Identify untapped sources of data (eg. previous experiments, electronic notebooks, databases) that could be exploited further with AI
  • Define an AI strategy and a roadmap for your R&D laboratory or company

All this consulting work is done in collaboration with your researchers and engineers.

AI consulting gives you a clear vision of how you can augment your R&D by leveraging AI technologies.

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