Our platform

Faster development of products or chemical reactions with artificial intelligence

What our platform does

AI product and process optimization scheme

Our plateform learns from your R&D data and allows you to:

Our proprietary AI algorithms can learn relationships of any complexity from your experiments, even when the underlying physics is not well-understood. It will benefit you even in complex R&D subjects.

Our platform leverages both your R&D data and your domain expertise to allow you to make more informed decisions for your R&D projects.

What you get

A reduction of 25% to 80% of the number of experiments needed to develop products or chemical reactions.

Our advantages

AI properties prediction scheme

  1. We have developed proprietary machine learning algorithms by taking state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms and modifying/adapting them in order to fit the specificities of chemistry and material science R&D.
  2. Our platform is easy to use, even for people who are not trained in machine learning. However, if you do have machine learning skills, our software allows you to tune the algorithms it uses.
  3. It is continuously updated and upgraded in order to benefit from the latest advances in artificial intelligence.
  4. If you have specific needs, we can even develop tailored software modules that will extend our base platform in order to perfectly suit your use cases and your data.

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