Applications and markets

Whether you develop formulations, materials or molecules, our software can accelerate your R&D.



  • Predict materials properties.
  • Design materials that possess desired properties.
  • Optimize the synthesis and processing of materials.


  • Predict molecules properties.
  • Design molecules that possess desired properties.
  • Perform a retrosynthetic analysis of a molecule.
  • Predict the outcome of a reaction.
  • Optimize the synthesis of a molecule.
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Faster R&D, higher return on investment

Reduce the cost of your R&D by lowering the number of experiments needed to reach your objectives.

Be faster than your competitors to develop products in order to satisfy the needs of your customers.

Test your experiment ideas with our software before running them in the laboratory. Only run the most promising experiments and save time.

Get new insights and generate value from your existing data (experiment results, laboratory notebooks, databases, process data, analytical results, etc), even data from "failed" experiments!

Boost your R&D

How it works

  1. Train the AI-based software with data coming from experiments, simulations, databases or the literature.
  2. Use the software to generate experiment ideas or to validate your experiment ideas.
  3. You can continue adding data to the software to improve its performance over time.

Our software is ready to use by scientists and engineers without any special training in artificial intelligence.

Do you work in one of the following industries?

Chemical industry

Chemical industry

  • Design new molecules, materials and formulations
  • Design and optimize catalysts
  • Optimize chemical reactions
  • ...
Oil industry

Oil industry & Petrochemical industry

  • Design and optimize catalysts
  • Predict catalytic activities
  • Design polymers with improved properties
  • Formulate lubricants
  • ...
Pharmaceutical industry

Pharmaceutical industry

  • Design new molecules for virtual screening
  • Predict biological properties, solubilities and toxicities
  • Design a synthesis route for an API
  • Formulate a drug
  • ...
Cosmetic industry

Cosmetic industry

  • Design and optimize formulations
  • Predict formulations properties
  • Design new active ingredients
  • ...
Materials industries

Materials industries (Metallurgy, Plastics, Composites, Rubber, Glass, etc.)

  • Design innovative materials
  • Predict materials properties
  • Optimize the formulation, fabrication and processing of materials
  • ...

Energy (including renewables)

  • Design materials for photovoltaic cells
  • Design electrolytes
  • Design electrode materials
  • ...

If you work in one of these industries, let's work together to boost your R&D!

Let's discuss about your chemistry R&D and how it can be boosted!

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