Artificial Intelligence for Chemistry and Materials

Faster R&D, higher return on investment

Develop products or processes faster

The development of new molecules, materials, formulations or processes requires many trial-and-error experiments and informed guesswork. Artificial Intelligence (AI) helps you reduce this number of experiments to a minimum, thereby saving you time and money.

AI product and process optimization scheme

Predict physico-chemical and applicative properties

AI can predict physico-chemical and applicative properties of molecules, materials or formulations. This can be done even when the underlying physics is not well-understood!

AI properties prediction scheme

Get more from your chemistry data

You are sitting on a real treasure: data generated by your research and industrial processes. Exploit this treasure by generating new insights from it, leading to unsuspected opportunities to develop new products or solve technical problems by non-obvious ways.

AI get more from your data scheme

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We provide AI consulting

We identify opportunities to boost your existing R&D by using AI. We identify sources of data that can be exploited with AI to generate more value for your business. Then, we help you define a roadmap to implement AI solutions for your problem.

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We develop AI software for you

We develop AI software tailored to your needs. Starting with the creation of a robust data pipeline to feed data to the AI program, we then implement the AI program using state-of-the-art methods and take care of its deployment. All this happens in close collaboration with your R&D teams.

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