AI training for Chemistry and Materials researchers

We train chemistry and materials researchers and engineers so that they can efficiently integrate AI into their R&D or develop their own AI programs.

AI training

Basic AI training

We offer basic training sessions on AI/machine learning so that your R&D scientists and engineers:

  • Learn the basic concepts and vocabulary of AI
  • Understand the benefits that AI/machine learning can bring to their research and engineering
  • Get a sense of how AI/machine learning algorithms work
  • Are able to interact with AI experts and partners
  • Can optimize the acquisition of experimental data so that the generated data is easily usable by AI programs
  • Etc.

Advanced AI training

We also provide advanced AI/machine learning training for scientists and engineers who want to implement themselves AI solutions for their research and innovation. For example, we can train them to:

  • Dive deeper into AI/machine learning algorithms, with a focus on chemistry.
  • Design AI-based solutions for their R&D projects, from experimental chemistry data acquisition to the exploitation of this data with AI algorithms
  • Learn to implement AI/machine learning algorithms themselves using common machine learning frameworks
  • Have a critical mindset to decide if R&D projects are pertinent or not for the inclusion of AI technologies
  • Etc.

We can also organize practical training sessions centered on the specific chemistry problems that researchers/engineers work on.

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